Pest Control Excellence... that's the Western way! Old Fashioned Care From Verne Peterson and Family!

As owner of Western Exterminating, my family and I have been providing quality pest control services for over half a century to clients in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas.
My family and staff welcome the opportunity to serve you now and in the years to come. We are committed to providing you with the very best pest control service, knowledge, and experience available anywhere. We will strive to do everything possible to merit your confidence.
Verne Peterson
Owner and founder


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You Know What Ticks Us Off?

That’s right, it’s ticks. Ticks belong in the family Arachnida (like spiders and scorpions), and can be found all over the world. They are ectoparasites, meaning that they live on the outside of their host. Because ticks are parasites, they

Mosquitoes: Everywhere from my head to mo(squi)toes!

Summertime is here, and with it comes those annoying pests with a taste for blood. Mosquitoes, despite their small size, can pose a great threat to our health. This is because they can sometimes transmit more than just an itchy


Millipedes: Did You Know?

Millipedes are not only one of the oldest land animals on earth, but are in fact THE oldest land animals on earth. In 2004, a millipede fossil was discovered in Scotland dating to be roughly 420 million years old. This

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