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As owner of Western Exterminating, my family and I have been providing quality pest control services for over half a century to clients in Tarrant County and the surrounding areas.
My family and staff welcome the opportunity to serve you now and in the years to come. We are committed to providing you with the very best pest control service, knowledge, and experience available anywhere. We will strive to do everything possible to merit your confidence.
Verne Peterson
Owner and founder


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Knocking on Wood: Carpenter Ants (Part 2)

Last week, we posted Part 1 of this article (click here if you missed it). Today, we’re wrapping up by talking more about how the nests function and what you can do if you find an infestation. Give Me My

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Knocking on Wood: Carpenter Ants (Part 1)

Worldwide, there are more species of carpenter ants than any other kind of ant—back in 2000, we knew of over 1,000 species! These creatures are fascinating, but there’s no place for them in your home. We’re doing a two-part blog

Termite Prevention: Stop Those Termites in Their Tracks

In the US, termites cost homeowners about $5 billion in property damage…per year! Often, people don’t know that they have an infestation until it’s too late. Once you can see the damage, you can be certain there’s even more destruction

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