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Cicada killer wasps are large, solitary, ground-dwelling, predatory wasps. They are so named because they hunt cicadas and provision their nests with them, after stinging and paralyzing them. Honey bees are more violent nesters. They like to nest in trees, the eve of a building or home, in the attic or chimney. Give Western a call! Wasp or yellow jacket nest around door overhangs, eves, windows and light fixtures as well as in bushes and shrubs. Western can take care of these stinging pests.


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That’s right, it’s ticks. Ticks belong in the family Arachnida (like spiders and scorpions), and can be found all over the world. They are ectoparasites, meaning that they live on the outside of their host. Because ticks are parasites, they are known to carry many......

People commonly mistake carpenter ants for termites, but rest assured that having termites is much worse than having carpenter ants. This uncertainty can become even more apparent because of the winged form that both insects have; not only that but they usually swarm close to......

Customers call us every year saying that they are seeing huge or giant Yellow Jackets on their lawn. When we hear this we know they are probably seeing Cicada Killers. Even though the female Cicada Killer has a stinger she rarely will sting someone. Though......