From Verne Peterson and Family concerning Western Exterminating Co. Inc.

From Verne Peterson and Family concerning Western Exterminating Co. Inc.

A very few of our customers may remember Elmo & Ada Tucker, who started Western Exterminating in 1956.  I went to work for them 62 years ago, in 1962, as a 19-year-old youngster and then purchased the company in 1965.  My wife Kathyleen and I grew the business and were always dedicated to providing great service and taking care of our customers.  We purchased our current office location on Broadway in Haltom City in 1982.  We added our daughters Nancy and April starting in 1990, although they have always been somewhat involved while growing up in the business.  Ed Doyle, Nancy’s husband, joined Western a little later in 1990, so they have all been a part of Western for over 32 years.  This has been an American success story, and we have really been happy to serve our customers, our community, and the pest control industry.  God has truly blessed us.  Unfortunately, we lost Kathyleen in November 1993.  Her loving spirit has been missed by the customers who remember her and is carried on by our daughters. 

We have all been leaders, serving our industry as President of our Tarrant County Pest Control Association and also serving as President of the Texas Pest Control Association.  This has enabled us to make great friends throughout Texas and the U.S., which gives us industry contacts to help us serve you better.  My daughters and Ed have been active in the local Chamber and Lions Clubs and many other community services. Some of our very best friends are our current and past customers.  

You may have guessed by now that we have sold Western.  We have sold it to “Ideal Partners”.  We had been looking for the ideal business to purchase Western for several years.  It was so important to find the person and company that we could trust to take care of all our wonderful employees and treasured customers.  There are currently 13 families that depend on Western for their income and livelihood.  These employees are so important in any decision that we make because they are the ones who take care of us and you, our customers, and there is no Western Exterminating without our loyal customers.  To be sure to continue the service you are used to, we have taken extra measures to retain all of our current employees. 

To this end, we have sold to Kortney Paul, owner of Ideal Partners Inc.  He is currently keeping our company name, brand, and all the employees and allowing Nancy, April, and me to manage the company.  We are successful, and Kortney wants to allow that success to continue.  Ideal Partners also has a pest control division and has many large customers like the Fort Worth Zoo, T.C.U. and many other customers everyone would recognize.  We believe they are the perfect fit to continue the Excellence in Pest Control Service that we have developed through all these years.  They will continue to honor all our pest and termite control warranties and service agreements.  They also have many extra services they can offer, such as trapping and exclusion of wildlife, HVAC/heating and cooling, attic insulation, fire protection, home security, and much more.   

I just want to thank everyone who has been a customer, worked for Western, recommended us or been our friend since 1956. You are greatly appreciated!  May God Bless each of you and thanks for being a part of Western!  Looking forward to serving you for many years to come. 


Verne Peterson, April Hardy, Ed and Nancy Doyle, and the entire Western family of employees.