Don’t Let Termites Do This to YOUR House….

Don’t Let Termites Do This to YOUR House….


Your home is your castle and your treasure, and should be treated as such.  Did you know that Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination Baiting System protects some of our National treasures such as the Statue of Liberty, and the White House?  The Termite Queen lives to breed.  Her colony lives to feed, and that is their fatal error in life.  We say outsmart the queen and her subjects, and kill them all.  They love to eat your food, walls, baseboards, and floors, and destroy your home.  Termites never stop feeding and are always looking for new sources of food.  Those sources can be anything from a fallen tree to a woodpile.   We say give them the proven science of Sentricon and let them eat.

Termites know what they like.  The love a moist, subterranean environment that is temperature stable.  The soil just below your lawn is ideal, and they like to get into crevices and cracks in your foundations and walls.  This is where they feast.  Every year, more than 5 million homes in America are damaged by termites and do an estimated $5 billion dollars in damage.  Unfortunately, damage from termites is rarely covered by homeowners insurance policies.  Therefore, as a responsible homeowner, it is your duty to defend what is yours.  Kill the queen and destroy her colony.

Western Exterminating has had the priviledge of protecting some Fort Worth, TX. historical treasures such as Thistle Hill and the McPharland House.  We can install the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System to help you protect your treasured home against the most structurally damaging pests in our area.  Watch our video at www.Westernext.com, to learn about the #1 selling product in termite protection- then call our experts at our Fort Worth office at 817.834.3121 for help.