Easy & Natural Mosquito Control Tips

Easy & Natural Mosquito Control Tips

Mosquitos are some of the biggest pests of the summer and can easily ruin a night by the pool or a family BBQ. Here are some tips on how to control and repel mosquitos:

-Remove standing water. Mosquitos breed in stagnant water. Removing any standing water around your home and yard will reduce the number of mosquitos. Change birdbaths often and keep your gutters clean and well-draining.

-Utilize your BBQ. If you happen to be cooking on your grill add some rosemary or sage. This scent acts as a mosquito repellant.

-Candles. Make your own candles using a combination of essential oils and melted wax. A good standard is one ounce of oil per pound of wax. Try this recipe:

*5 parts Citronella *5 parts Lavender *5 parts Clove

-Garlic. 5 parts garlic juice and 1 part water can create an effective homemade mosquito repellent. Of course, you might also repel your significant other as well! Try soaking an old cloth in the mixture and hang it in the area where you spend your time.

-Catnip. Planting more flowers in your yard such as catnip, marigolds, lemon balm, and citronella grass not only repels mosquitos but adds beautiful color to your yard.

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